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Minimal Look, Pristine Sound

Izarai is built for professional music studios with high quality components made in Japan.

The biggest advantage of a passive monitor controller is the simple mechanism with no electronic circuitry. Meaning that you can play and control audio without affecting or coloring the sound that goes through the audio path.

For engineers and creators that pursue detailed nuances and textures in sound, this is a very important issue.

We focused on this point, and have reached an extremely pristine audio quality, by using high-class components made in Japan, with a simple passive circuit design.

The housing was designed—visualizing the sound characteristics—with a simple modern look and beautiful black aluminum hairline finish.

With no power supply required, izarai frees you from unnecessary stress, and helps you fine-tune your environment for concentrating deeply into sound.

●Made in Japan

The core of izarai is the attenuator, a 4-pole 23-step rotary switch made by Tokyo Sokuteikizai—who has been manufacturing rotaries over 60 years since their founding in 1961.

The symbolic aluminum knob and push buttons are specially designed, machined and treated thoroughly in Japan to achieve its fine touch.

These exceptionally reliable, made in Japan elements will refine your studios to another level.

●Functions, Incorporating Pro-User's Words

We worked with Gregory Germain—a professional recording & mixing engineer based in Tokyo, who has been active at the forefront widely in the music industry—to incorporate professional user's experiences & voices. 

Within the 23-steps of the practically arranged attenuator, we have set 5db or 10db per-step in the lower and higher zones. Whereas the "FINE" zone—most commonly used between -50db to -20db—are adjustable in 2dbs per-step.

The "C-SELECT" button allows you to control OUTPUT C independently on/off, while you switch your outputs. It is very useful when connecting subwoofers.

For the "DIM" function, you can select -10db or -20db.

There are two stereo inputs, three stereo outputs, and a stereo thru out perfect for connecting a VU meter.

Covering all the functions you need, including MONO and MUTE switches, izarai works perfectly in various settings and environments.


  • 4-Pole 23-Step Rotary Switch Made in Japan

  • Passive Audio Path with Pristine Audio Quality

  • Specially Designed Machined Aluminum Knob & Buttons

  • C-SELECT Useful For Connecting Subwoofers, etc

  • -10db/-20dB Selectable DIM 

  • Practically Arranged Fine Step Attenuator

  • MONO and MUTE Functions



Package Contents: Owner's Manual

Input/Output Connectors: 1/4-inch TRS Phone Jack

Attenuator: 4-Pole 23-Step Rotary Switch

Attenuator Resistance Value: Tolerance 1%

Maximum Input Level: +30dBu

Input Impedance: 2kΩ

Recommended Load Impedance: 5kΩ or greater (C-SELECT Inactive: 5kΩ or greater, C-SELECT Active: 10kΩ×2 or greater)

Dimensions: 162 (W) × 98 (H) × 138 (D) mm / 6.38 (W) × 3.86 (H) × 5.43 (D) inches (Including Protrusions) 

Weight: Approximately 1,040g / 2.29lbs


Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please note in advance.

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