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High precision and high reliability.

A high-spec VU meter system

made in Japan.

"FORENO" is a VU meter system which inherits the identity of its predecessor "FORMA", but with a higher-spec VU meter and improved functionality, effortlessly fitting in any kind of working environment. 


The VU meter unit is manufactured by

Fuso Measuring Instruments Co., Ltd., who have been in the business for more than 87 years, and FORENO uses a high-precision, high-reliability product from the company’s line up, strictly manufactured based on the NHK standard BTS5703 and JIS C1504. For the lighting, LEDs are used and ensures great visibility as well as long lasting.


In addition, the front panel is equipped with a 5-stage switchable attenuator, enabling flexible use without any troublesome settings in any environment. 


Foreno is made in Japan, and all products are manufactured under strict quality control.

■Creator's comment

"My FORENO VU meters are the best visual representation of How much dynamics and energy i have in each scene change in my mixes, When you turn them on the LED’s have the most beautiful shade of yellow and are incredibly smooth. It is also so much easier to have all my mixes at the same volume and they are absolutely beautiful."

César Sogbe

Grammy and 11-time Latin Grammy Winning Audio Engineer based in Miami.

■ Product features



  • Improved visibility with tilted front panel

   (10 degrees)

  • Compact size: W221 x H93 x D105

  • Wooden side panels and RITEL selector knob

VU meter:

  • Manufactured based on NHK standard BTS5703 and JIS C1504

  • Uses a high-precision, highly reliable meter manufactured by Fuso Measuring Instruments Co., Ltd.

  • Lighting uses LEDs, ensuring great visibility

ATT (Attenuator):

  • Adjustable input level:  5 step attenuator in 3 dB increments


  • THRU OUT connector with minimum sound quality deterioration

  • Compatible with any studio environment


Independent calibration on LR channels:

  • LR channels can be calibrated independently on the back panel using the fine adjustment controls 


Made In Japan:

  • Made in Japan under strictly controlled conditions

■ Specification

  • Accessories: power adapter, manual, warranty card

  • VU meter: Conforms to BTS5703 (JIS C1504) standard, impedance 3.9kΩ (± 200Ω), time constant 0.3sec ± 10%, frequency range 30Hz ~ 15000Hz, internal LED illumination for Left and Right channels(DC12V)

  • INPUT connector: XLR (female) / TRS phone COMBO jack

  • THROUGH OUT connector: XLR (male) 

  • Input impedance: 47kΩ balanced input

  • Nominal input level: + 4dBu (1.228V)

  • Maximum input level: + 24dBu (12.283V)

  • Input calibration: Approx. + 3dB / -∞ against specified input level, equipped with semi-fixed VR (Cal.) for each of Lch and Rch

  • Power supply(adaptor): Input AC100V ~ 240V (0.58A max), output DC24V (1Amax) used (DC output cable length = approx. 1.5m)

  • Power consumption: Up to approx. 3.5VA

  • Dimensions: W221 x H93 x D105 mm

  • Weight: (body) approx. 1370 g, (power adapter) approx. 130 g


*Please note that the specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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